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Air Conditioning installation in Houston

Fast & Dependable Air Conditioning Installation in Houston

Are you planning to replace your old, inefficient air conditioning unit? Glacial Services is the leader when it comes to professional air conditioning installation in Houston. We’ve been helping thousands of homeowners with AC installation & HVAC services since 2011. Our skilled HVAC specialists are ready to meet you and help you in choosing the finest air conditioning unit that best meets your comfort and budget. All of our technicians are insured and licensed to work on most Air conditioning brands.

Whether You Need A/C Repair Or Replacement: Get The Right Solution

Homeowners in Houston often struggle with the question: should they repair their air conditioning system, or does it make more sense to replace the entire unit with a new one? Given the high expenses associated with replacing your A/C unit, this question shouldn’t be taken lightly. This is why; we provide a free inspection so that home owners can compare the short & long-term expenses of keeping their present system with the increased output of a new air conditioning unit. Once you make the decision that works best fit your needs and budget, we can either schedule A/C repairs or have a brand new system installed.
And when A/C installation starts, we will get the job done right from the very first attempt. Precision & care are vital when it comes to A/C installation, and a mediocre installer can make errors that’ll really cost you big in the future. So, don’t take chances – just call Glacial Services and enjoy air conditioning installation in Houston that is 100% guaranteed.

Get Rid Of The Extreme Texas Heat with Professional A/Cinstallation

There’s simply no substitute for a hard working A/C when the heavy heat of Texas rolls around. If your air conditioning unit fails, you need a fast & dependable solution and that is what we offer at Glacial Services. Once you appoint us, we will make sure you start enjoying the benefits of your A/C unit whether by repairing the existing system or installing a brand new one. We know how intimidating the Texas heat can be, hence always ready to offer you the air conditioning solutions you deserve.