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Air Conditioning Maintenance Houston

Schedule Professional Air Conditioning Maintenance in Houston

Maintaining your air conditioning unit is much like maintaining your car. You don’t realize how much difference it can make until your energy bill come. Scheduling routine air conditioning maintenance in Houston with Glacial Services will not just keep your A/C unit performing at a superior level, but it’ll actually save you money in the long run. Ideally any A/C maintenance job should take place before the hot or cooling season starts – in order to ensure it is functioning efficiently. Our complete maintenance service will make sure that you are ready deal with the extreme heat of Texas. Plus, our skilled technicians will address any negligible issues that could grow into larger and become a costly affair in the future.

Enjoy Complete Air Conditioning Maintenance In Houston

Our AC maintenance services include a variety of important services that’ll enhance the overall performance of the system. Some of these services includes but not limited to

  • Check the refrigerant charge
  • Check the condensate lines & remove obstructions
  • Inspect & clean condensate pan
  • Clean the evaporator & condensing coils
  • Inspect & test compressor operation
  • Rebalance the registers if requir
  • Take of wreckages from the exterior grille & clean the cabinets
  • Check and lubricate all moving parts
  • Comb the coil fins if required
  • Check thermostat operation & set programs when required
  • Inspect fan motor, blower, contractor and defrost controls
  • Visually check insulation for proper levels & conditioning
  • Visually check air ducts for appropriate sizing and leakage
  • Check supply & return air temperature
  • Measure suction pressure
  • And much more……