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Being your local air quality experts, we are here to ensure you breathe easy in your home or work regardless of what impurities exist. Our skilled technicians will be more than happy to explain different air quality issues in detail & help you through choosing options in improving your indoor air quality. The functionality of your cooling and heating system, along with the sum that you pay on your monthly utility bill, are both related to indoor air quality. To make sure you enjoy every single breath you inhale at your home or work and see a considerable drop on your utility bill we offer a variety of services including UV light filtration which can greatly decrease and eradicate harmful bacteria, molds, viruses and dust mites. We also specialize in the installation of whole home dehumidifier that takes of the excess humidity from your home and make the indoor air quality absolutely safe to inhale.

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Glacial offers Preventive maintenance plans that will help extend the life of you’re A/C system. Reducing your utility bills and avoiding even costly breakdowns.

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Tune-ups are essential for your A/C’s efficiency and condition.

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Highly Recommended Air-Quality Improvement Services in Houston

Blossoming flowers and trees, frolicking puppies & playful kittens will no doubt brings a lot of joy, but at the same time can be a serious discouragement for asthma, allergy and COPD patients. After all, there’re a lot of natural & artificial compounds floating in the air of your home or office that can seriously affect your overall wellbeing. At Glacial Services, we understand that there’s nothing more important than your comfort & health, hence offer the most dependable air-quality improvement services to both residence and commercial properties throughout Houston. Our first priority is to ensure you always breathe fresh and purified air in your own space.

Our indoor air quality improvement solutions include but not limited to services like UV light filtration, whole-home air filtration, whole home dehumidifier installation, air-duct cleaning, ventilator replacement, and much more. Call us at (713) 778-0788 to schedule our free indoor air quality assessment.